Runaway Chef

Have you ever seen the movie Runaway Bride? At some point in the movie Ike, played by Richard Gere interviews the jilted grooms of Maggie, played by Julia Roberts and asks them how does she eat her eggs. Each ex fiancée had a different answer. As the movie progresses the frustrated Ike exclaims to Maggie how she doesn’t even know how she likes her eggs. Maggie then spends some time alone to taste the many concoctions of an egg to find herself. That’s where I’ve been the last few months quietly eating eggs, in cupcakes, eclairs, pies, tarts, buttercream, etc etc. trying to find myself as a pastry chef and define my point of view. It has changed over time based on the opinions of my instructors, my chef, event organizers, likes and dislikes of clients. But has yet to leave me wanting to give you more.

My journey began with writing down everything I love to bake. Then I discovered what you love me to bake for you. And then I finally found the middle ground of what you love without compromising my values. My values when it comes to baking is to remove the shelf stabilization of baked goods (cake should be eaten not preserved) and focus on fresh local ingredients. That doesn’t always equal texture you are used to. My goal turned intro the search for the ultimate chocolate cake. I had to start with the boxed cake mix. Ugh! Yes it is soft in texture but no flavor and did you read the ingredient list?

The Sugar Peddler Boxed chocolate Cupcake
Boxed Chocolate Cupcake

Next up I went French on you with voluminous eggs and gluten free. Well that didn’t work. What you see is a sunken in souffle.

Flourless Chocolate Cake
Flourless Chocolate Cupcake

Could Martha or Ina prove to have perfect cakes? Nope! One was rich in flavor and dry.

Martha Stewart Chocolate Cake Recipe
Martha Stewart Chocolate Cupcake Recipe

The other moist and flavorless.

Ina Garten Chocolate Cupcake Recipe
Ina Garten Chocolate Cupcake Recipe

Hmm… What if Ina Garten and Martha Stewart had chocolate Cupcake babies….

The Ultimate Chocolate Cupcake
The Ultimate Chocolate Cupcake

And behold I have achieved for you the ultimate chocolate cupcake. Baked from scratch, fresh and local ingredients (yes chocolate is always in season) stuffed with better buttercream icing (available vegan and gluten free). As Maggie turned in her running shoes I too am turning in my collection of chef uniforms and donning my new focus with a clear vision and mission in the land of cupcakes… Small batch, local, artisan, cupcakes bursting with natural flavor.

Cupcake Bouquet
Cupcake Bouquet

Sweet regards,

The Sugar Peddler

P.S. Incidentally I prefer my eggs scrambled with American cheese!

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