The Incredible Fontedible Cookie

I’m not sure how this love affair began, but as with all things Pinterest you can easily get lost in the mesmerizing beautiful images.  The one that stuck out the most today was a simple “F’d” up cookie.

Ma Your Own Typography Cookies Inspired by

If you learn nothing about me know this to be true.. I thrive on being challenged!  What a marvelous idea to have cookies that are not simple cookie cutter shapes.  I quickly dug into my font stash to create some images to cutout.  All the perfect fun script fonts were too thin.  Hmm Word Art in PowerPoint allows you to create outlines of your perfect font.  Happy Birthday seems like the perfect place to start with this possible new selling item.


As I began my tedious project of cutting out each shape, then cutting out each shape again face down on my graham crackers I thought I should consider making my own cookie cutters.  That adventure sent me to the dollar store to find disposable aluminum cookie sheets.


After I cut my hand a few times and could barely make the perfect shape I returned back to cutting each cookie by hand (you have to truly love the person you are baking these for).


Another fact about me… I can’t follow the rules.  That left me with wanting to create a collage of fonts with every letter comprised of a different font. Cutting each font out with a pairing knife, pastry wheel, and butter knife left plenty of ridges.  I even tried to trace the letters with a skewer and then cut them out.  That did help, but in the end I still had to shape them by hand.  It does not get more handcrafted than this!


An hour later I still love this project, and hope to offer this to my customers.  Want to give it a try?

What you will need:

  • Letters printed out (preferably outlines)
  • Scissors
  • Sugar Cookie recipe or try the best graham cracker recipe ever!
  • Pairing knife



To achieve the ransom effect I placed some letters on top of a rectangle cookie before baking.  Others I cut out the shape of the letter from the rectangle cookie.  For extra decor I added some cutouts from normal cookie cutters.  The end result:

typography cookies7


Sweet regards,

The Sugar Peddler

My Pinterest Inspiration

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