Social Experiment

Today I launched my Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to open my brick and mortar cupcake and confection shop.  I chose Indiegogo for the flexible funding option.  I’ve tried Kickstarter twice before and raised a little money, but Kickstarter is an all or nothing crowdfunder.  If you don’t raise all of your money you get nothing.  With Indiegogo is you choose flexible funding you keep what you raise, yet the fees are higher (unless you meet your goal).

In 12 hours I raised 18% of my goal.  This consisted of sitting in front of my computer for a few hours and constantly tweeting, facebooking, and commenting in groups.  With crowdfunding the initial momentum starts with friends and family.  Once they are exhausted how do you reach contributors who don’t know and trust you?  This evening I am working on contacting each of my 258 Twitter followers directly!  I’m curious if I will lose followers for being annoying or if my campaign will gain a little traction.

Holding my breath here goes…

9:15 pm

  • Open Twitter and find my followers
  • Hmm I’m not even following them back

9:17 pm

  • Some are businesses. Some are individuals
  • Spending some time following back

9:23 pm

  • Some odd companies are following me. Am I over thinking why would they follow me?

9:25 pm

  • Copy and paste (as unformated text) all twitter followers in word
  • Sort text so that I have all the @s together
  • Copy and paste all the @s into a new Word document
  • Replace all the FOLLOWS YOU with Thank you for following.  Do you #Indiegogo?  I will gladly pay you cupcakes for backing me today

9:30 pm

  • 258 Tweets ready for copy and paste!

9:34 pm

  • So for I um under 140 characters.  How did I manage that?!

9:39 pm

  • Oh my pinky! ctrl+c ctrl+v
  • Interesting my tweets get favorited by different crowd funder promoters.  They must have some software setup tp troll for #Indiegogo.  I’m not complaining!  Hopefully my followers won’t either!

9:55 pm

  • Only on the “d”s

9:57 pm

  • Just received a notification that my link doesn’t work! Cracking up!
  • Found the error I changed my captilization to lowercase and is case sensistive Http://Bit.Ly/1vgc4ne is not the same as

10:33 pm

  • My eyes are burning and I am fading fast.  Will start tomorrow with the “e”s

Day 2

7:41 am

  • The lovely Lindsay from Customer Boom sent me a comment letting me know my link was broken, and that I can bulk tweet via Hootsuite!




2 thoughts on “Social Experiment

  1. they are favoriting because the link doesn’t work. That’s what I did. I wouldn’t retweet it, since the link didn’t work, it would be of no use to my audience. You should hit everyone up with a second tweet with the right link. Also, you can schedule all of this out with Bulk Upload in Hootsuite…you’re welcome 🙂

    • I knew there had to be a bulk way to do this! Thank you! An hour in and I learned my link was broken. is case sensitive and when I did some editing in Word I lost my caps in my link. Thank you for the tips!

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