Cupcakes $2.50


The Ultimate Chocolate Cupcake  

Scratch baked quality with soft moist inside, hints of espresso and deep rich chocolate, frosted and filled with our Chocolate Better Buttercream



For the Love of Chocolate

Same as above frosted and filled with Vanilla Better Buttercream to balance out the rich chocolate flavor





The Flavor Yellow

Classic Yellow cake frosted and filled with Better Chocolate Buttercream



The Flavor White

Classic White cake and filled you’re your choice of Vanilla or Chocolate Better Buttercream



Pineapple Polenta

Polenta cake frosted and filled with Pineapple Better Buttercream



Cocoa Velvet

Red Cocoa cake frosted and filled with Cream Cheese Buttercream




S’more Love

Our ultimate chocolate cake frosted with Toasted Meringue and stuffed with graham cracker essence custard




Lemon Supreme

Lemon cake drenched in lemon glaze and frosted with Toasted Meringue








Marble Marvel

Our classic yellow cake marbled with rich chocolate sauce frosted and filled with Chocolate Better Buttercream


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